Workshop Examples

The following are past workshop descriptions in order to give you a taste of what to look forward to or ideas for presenting yourself!

Queer Spirituality

As queer folks in the US, many of us have a negative relationship to mainstream religion. While some of us have been lucky enough to find a place that accepts us, many of us have left the religion we were raised in or are still struggling to find acceptance somewhere. This workshop will be a space to collectively explore the intersection between queerness and spirituality and how it has affected our various paths. It will be more of a guided group discussion than a presenter-led workshop. We’ll talk about people’s historical pains and joys around religion, learn more about each other’s current triumphs and struggles, and hopefully come away have taken another few steps on each of our journeys. Open to folks of all religious and non-religious bents.

Queer In Community

Interested in radical sharing and living communally? Come learn more at this panel discussion about living in an income-sharing community. The Federation of Egalitarian Communities (FEC) is made up of 7 communities (Twin Oaks is one of them) throughout the US and Canada, with over 200 people sharing values of cooperation, sustainabilty and feminism. Several communards from FEC communities will share their experiences and answer questions about living outside of the mainstream and creating our own economic and cultural reality.


Get ready to fold colorful paper into stars, unicorns, jewelry and more! We’ll start with simple designs and work our way up to more complicated folds, with time for you to share any cool folds you know. Bring your own fingers; paper is provided. Kids under 10 are welcome if accompanied by an adult helper.

The Singing Bond: A Community Song Circle

Singing together with gusto grows bonds of affinity. Joining voices in a common spirit awakens a resonance of hearts and minds. In this song circle we’ll raise our voices together with songs that are catchy, inspiring and easily learned: feisty songs, mesmerizing songs, songs of resilience, resistance, celebration and solace. We’ll play with call and response singing, simple harmonies and improvisation.

Artpocalypse 2017

Let’s make some art! Paper, paint, collage, and drawing materials will be provided. Art can be a great tool to reflect and process our own experiences, thoughts and feelings. We can create catharsis for ourselves, and learn about our selves and our friends by creating together. Through art we can create statements of self and of what we hold dear.This workshop will consist of talking about life, feelings, and art, and creating art together. See you there!

Self-defense Workshop

One-shot self-defense workshops are honestly not that helpful but you can come anyway. We will discuss engaging and disengaging from hostile situations, vulnerabilities of the human body (protecting yours or exploiting theirs), improvised weapons, and everyone’s favorite: the kick to the groin. ‘Hands-on’ participation is optional, like all good things in life. Please come with questions, hypotheticals, stories, potential improvised weapons, etc.

Consent and Exploring Touch

It’s often apparent when observing physical interactions who is touching and who is being touched. But what happens when we expand and deconstruct the ideas of ‘giving’ and ‘receiving’ touch? In this session, we will be exploring the dynamics of human interaction using touch as a model. We will talk about agreements, pleasure, and the gift of touch. You will learn how to increase awareness of your desires and limits along with how to communicate what you want. At the same time, you will make your own touch into a more present and satisfying experience. And nobody is required to touch another individual in this touch workshop.

Transparency Tools

Transparency Tools are a series of inter-personal techniques for sharing each others’ experiences, building trust, and building empathy. Transparency Tools are powerful but safe and easy to use, requiring little training. In this workshop we will briefly learn about the different techniques and practice a few of the simplest ones. *Please note: that Transparency Tools are not intended as a substitute for therapy.

Intro to Tool Basics

Have you always wanted to take on DIY handy projects, but never got taught how to drive a nail, cut a board, or use a tape measure properly? Here’s your chance to learn some of the basics, in a safe and chill environment! Nina will go over the fundamentals of measuring, marking, cutting, fastening and safety, with lots of tools you can play with. If time and energy permit, interested participants can put together a simple project over the course of the weekend. All necessary accoutrements provided.