Camping & What To Bring

Camping is part of the basic registration and you will need to be entirely self-sufficient in your camping equipment.

You will need a tent, sleeping bag, and any other sleeping pads, air mattresses or other camp accouterments you might need. There are showers that will have soap, but you should bring your own toiletries (including bug spray and sunscreen) and towel. Other things like flashlight, rain gear, mixed-season clothes and good-natured flexibility are also good ideas. Earplugs will probably come in handy. Other things to keep you comfortable like a back-jack, yoga mat, or camp chair might also be nice. Plan ahead! Twin Oaks will provide breakfast, lunch and dinner, but you may want to bring extra personal snacks. Please- no pets other than service animals. Consider bringing instruments, crafts, literature, fabulous outfits, songs, and skills to share!

We’ll also have a FREE TABLE to swap gently used clothes, books, transition-related supplies, and more that may be looking for a new home.

Prefer not to camp? Check out for details regarding indoor accommodations!