Stephan has lived at Twin Oaks for about 5 years, after lots of school and various jobs. In grad school, they served as co-director of University of Arizona’s Pride Student Union and was responsible for convincing the Board of Directors to cover the health care needs of transgender students. They love fixing things, blacksmithing, rock climbing, binge-watching Steven Universe, and consuming a variety of potato products.


Born and raised in Canada, Valerie has lived over half her life at Twin Oaks. The lifework that nourishes her most is being a Yoga Instructor (current favourite pose: Half-Bow / Ardha Dhanurasana). Being a Virgo, she can’t help organizing things, and in addition to helping create the Queer Gathering, she manages Twin Oaks’ firewood-splitting crew and hammock pillow-making workshop. One of her Ease Mantras: “How can I be with the experience that is happening right now with kindness and acceptance towards myself?


Ari currently lives in Charlottesville but is returning to live at Twin Oaks again soon. At the queer gathering you can often find them at the friendship-bracelet-making table. On a regular day at Twin Oaks you can often find them in the garden. They like comics, letter writing, spinning, felt making, stories in all media (especially when there are queer characters!) and cooking spicy food.


Ro was spawned in Arizona and has drifted around the country until stopping hopefully-permanently at Twin Oaks. They are a techie type who likes fast internet and hates streaming videos! You’ll find them hula hooping, dancing, and playing board games at the gathering.


Julia is (finally) a new member at Twin Oaks. A former women’s gathering intern, she is now an organizer for the women’s gathering and the communities conference as well as the queer gathering. She enjoys fire spinning, foraging, fiber arts, and intersectional feminist theory.


Cel is a seed grower, homeschool teacher, and an artist. Cel is also transgender and uses masculine (he/him) or neutral pronouns (they/them or co/cos). He is formerly a member of Baltimore Free Farm, an urban garden and co-operative house. There, Cel was involved in reclaiming dumpster and pre-dumpster food among other things. After growing tired of city life, he became a member of Twin Oaks.

Taryn (left)
and Maddie (right):
2018 Interns

Maddie was born in Los Angeles but spent part of her childhood–that she doesn’t quite remember–in Saint Louis and Atlanta. She’s currently a Senior at Wellelsey College in Massachusetts, where she stresses about future employment and studies English and Religion. Maddie’s three favorite things are (in this order): Jesus, her very ill-behaved puppy, and her bed. She first took an interest in Twin Oaks and other intentional communities in a Freshman-year class called Environment Politics. As an intern, she wants to learn about how the intangible values she has studied, including environmental stewardship, conservation, egalitarianism, and feminism translate into people’s lifestyles. She approaches the world with an open, loving heart, hoping to hear and share experiences of pain and happiness with others.

Taryn is a bi environmental science student at the Ohio State University, passionate about both nature and LBGT+ issues.


Hailing from Oregon, Lindsey moved to Twin Oaks in 2015 after exploring communities around the country. She enjoys photography, beekeeping, letter-writing, event co-organizing, tarot reading, growing heirloom seeds, playing board games, co-managing Twin Oaks’ soyfoods business, reading comic books, and monitoring microorganisms at the community’s tiny sewage treatment plant.