Meet the Organizers

Ari (they/them) is a trans/nonbinary queer communard at Twin Oaks community. At the Gathering you can often find them at the arts and crafts table or giving haircuts. On a regular day at Twin Oaks you can often find them working in the garden, drawing seed packet illustrations, making schedules and organizing things, or putting stuff in boxes. They like podcasts, traveling and coming back home, comics, snail mail, cats, and art making.

Lindsey (she/her) joined Twin Oaks Community in 2015. Her work at Twin Oaks includes organizing the heirloom seed inventory and doing routine shifts at a tiny sewage treatment plant. Some of her favorite activities are crochet, photography, boardgames, reading, walking in the woods, naps, and wasting time on the internet.

Amaranth (they/them) has been in the Twin Oaks Community orbit for several years, but is a brand new Twin Oaks member. They enjoy traveling, snuggling with their cat, reading, cooking, and working with kids. They attended the 2019 Queer Gathering and are thrilled to be helping organize for 2023.

Robin (they/she) left the grocery industry at the beginning of the pandemic to pursue their passion for communal living. Her hobbies include cycling, gaming, and making music, and she’s started learning a couple crafts. You can often find them futzing with spreadsheets or hanging out with tiny humans.

Raen (they/he) is fresh on the scene at Twin Oaks and feels delight to be joining the Queer Gathering Organizers this year. Their working life centers around growing organic food for the community & raising children to be compassionate & creative. Aside from this, their time is geared toward meditation, buddhism, yoga, violin, naked running, slack-line, board games, sci/fi/fantasy, cold dips, & intimate connections. Let’s discover how similar & unique we are!