Meet the Organizers

Lindsey (she/her) joined Twin Oaks Community in 2015. Her work at Twin Oaks includes organizing the heirloom seed inventory and doing routine shifts at a tiny sewage treatment plant. Some of her favorite activities are crochet, photography, boardgames, reading, walking in the woods, naps, and wasting time on the internet.

Amaranth (they/co) enjoys hanging out with their cat, reading, decorating their room, spending time outside, cooking, and working with kids. Co attended the 2019 Queer Gathering, attended and helped to organize the 2023 gathering, and is excited to be organizing again in 2024! Co loves living rurally and being surrounded by other queer folks. 

Raen (they/he) is delighted to be helping with another year of the Queer Gathering! Their working life centers around growing organic food for the Twin Oaks community & raising children to be compassionate & creative. Aside from this, they enjoy meditation, naked running, slack-line, board games, sci/fi/fantasy, cold dips, & intimate connections. Looking forward to meeting you ^-^

Sara (she/they) is a farmer and organic gardener here at Twin Oaks. They were born and raised in Oakland, CA, where they spent time organizing social events for queer women and non-binary folks. In their free time they love to dance, do yoga, and explore nature. They are looking forward to organizing the queer gathering for 2024 and can’t wait to meet you all!

Stephan (they/he/co/ze) has lived at Twin Oaks Community for over a decade! In addition to working on the Queer Gathering, co focuses mostly on equipment maintenance, welding, indexing books, and doing taxes for all 75+ people on the farm. They also enjoy blacksmithing, rock climbing, DJing dance parties, being read to, and consuming a variety of potatoproducts.

Zoe (She/her) attended the 2023 Queer Gathering and is thrilled to help with the organization this year. She does a variety of odd jobs around Twin Oaks including childcare, building maintenance, food processing, and picking up after her housemates. Zoe helps run the Louisa Food Not Bombs group that distributes free produce on Sunday afternoons. In her free time, she enjoys sleeping, drawing, and herding her blind cats around the courtyard.

Will (they/variable pronouns) joined T.O. and attended the queer gathering in 2023 and is excited to make it happen again in 2024! Their favorite work around the farm includes writing software and teaching kids Math and Computer Programming. Their hobbies include board games (particularly Dominion), video games, and speedcubing.