In order for everyone to have a safe and enjoyable weekend, we ask that participants adhere to the following norms:

COVID-19 INFORMATION: This year, all attendees must provide proof of a negative covid rapid antigen test before showing up! We also kindly ask that you refrain from high-covid-risk activities in the 2 weeks prior to the event to reduce your risk of infection (ie mask indoors, avoid crowding, etc).

Please Register in advance! We’ll compile a list of those who register and you’ll be able to choose if your contact information will be shared with other attendees

Twin Oaks assumes no liability for personal injury incurred at the gathering site, or for theft, or damage to your vehicle or possessions.

Pets: Please leave your pets at home, no exceptions. Well-behaved service/support animals are allowed.

Accessibility: The terrain is rough but easily walkable for people with no mobility issues. People with minor mobility issues will need to be careful but shouldn’t have any trouble. People with moderate to major mobility issues should contact us at for more information before deciding to come.

Bring: A tent, at least 1 tarp, sleeping bag, bedding, fabulous outfits for wet/dry/hot/cold weather – come prepared! It is great to bring things like a raincoat, towel, headlamp, arts & crafts, musical instruments, talents, goodies, water bottle, your important medicine, sunblock, extra gear, toys, helping hands, clear intentions, and open heart. If you can’t bring your own camping gear or other supplies, let us know — we may be able to help.

Camp: Camp in designated area. Try to make minimal impact on the land. Please carry out all that you carry in (or use the trash/recycling bins available near the kitchen). Unmarked tents left behind will become property of Twin Oaks if not claimed within 2 weeks after the gathering.

Consent: We will not tolerate inappropriate behavior involving touch and/or language that is non-consensual or violating. Ask before you touch someone and respect others’ boundaries. Also, please be aware of your language and behavior and how it may affect the people around you.

Fire: We have established fire pits; please do not make new ones at campsites. Do not leave flames unattended.

Smoking: Please smoke in the designated smoking area, away from buildings and people. Be aware and ask when in doubt, such as with crowds and rainy days. Keep your butts: dispose of them in the trash. No littering!

Electricity: There is electricity and there will be a place for you to charge personal electronic devices. While electronics are allowed, we encourage folks to “unplug” and spend time talking with other attendees, building community face-to-face.

Cell Phones: Reception is decent but sometimes spotty. Please keep phone calls discreet and away from areas where workshops and activities are occurring.

Recycling: Barrels are located near the kitchen. Reduce the packaging you bring and place it mindfully where space is provided.

Food: Please respect the food preparation space in the kitchen. Review our kitchen, dish, and food prep guidelines.

Water: Drinking water is available from all faucets near the kitchen and sinks. Also, please conserve water by taking short showers.

Cleanliness: Wash your hands as often as possible and always before entering the kitchen and before a meal. Please pick up after yourself and tidy any place that needs it.

Photography: No filming or video of any kind. Also, no photography except for designated photo areas! While we understand that folks want to document their experiences here, it is a queer gathering in the rural south and we ask that everyone take responsibility for helping to ensure everyone’s safety and privacy.

Drugs and Alcohol: Illegal drugs are not permitted at the gathering! As a way to ensure safer-space for more people, we support a no-visibility culture for alcohol. Keep it out of sight and drink responsibly. Mugs are available in the kitchen area. We appreciate your openness to this necessary practice!

Community Tours: Please do not go into the main community unless you are with a tour guide – there will be several tour times available!

Vending/Sales: We discourage vending and money exchange at the event. Instead, we have a “community table” for folks to put out flyers, business cards, and free items. So if you’re wanting to give things away, we can definitely accommodate that. If you’re wanting to sell things, we’d suggest putting a note or business cards on the community table and selling items discreetly from your car or tent.

Nudity: The gathering is generally clothing-optional. However, no bare butts are allowed on furniture and both tops and bottoms should be covered while in the kitchen.