Curious about our host, Twin Oaks Community? Twin Oaks is an income sharing community of 96 adults and 10 children, ranging from tiny tiny just born all the way up to 80-something year old power houses! We make hammocks and tofu to earn our “bread,” as well as selling ornamental organic flowers, indexing books and growing organic seeds. All work at Twin Oaks is valued equally, and members contribute their weekly amount of required labor to the community in the ways that suit them best, from planning parties to planting trees and anything in between. We have 465 acres of land that includes 9 residences, a dining hall, an art/activities building, a tree house, a river, a pond, and a sauna- in addition to the beautiful conference site. We grow most of our own produce on a 4 acre garden, have a large herd of cattle for dairy and beef, chickens for eggs and meat, and take most of our meals together. Check out our website at! Or, to learn more about the many, many intentional communities out there and search for one near you, visit the FIC website.

We ask that Queer Gathering participants refrain from venturing into the community unless escorted by a Twin Oaks member, or going to the river/mud pit (following the paths provided rather than traversing the community). This helps limit the impact that the Gathering has on folks at Twin Oaks who aren’t participating. If you are interested in Twin Oaks, please sign up for one of the tours that will happen during the weekend, and we’ll show you around!