2018 Schedule


4-6pm = Tour of Twin Oaks Community

4:30-6pm = Drop-in Crafting (pride friendship bracelets, coloring sheets, t-shirts)

6-7pm = Dinner

7-8pm = Icebreaker Activities (speed friending, step-into-the-circle, etc)

8-9:30pm = The Fire Tigers (https://www.thefiretigers.com/)

9:30pm-late = Card ‘n Board Games with Ro!


7:30-9am = Breakfast

9am-10am = Opening Circle

10-11:30am = Workshop Session I

*NerdShare*      *Nature is Gay Too (Nature Walk)*      *Polyamory 101*

12-1pm = Lunch

1-3pm = Tour of Twin Oaks Community

1-1:30pm = Annie Frazier Halladay (https://soundcloud.com/annietinypoems/tracks)

1:30-3pm = Workshop Session II

*Consent*      *The Trouble with Normal: the evolution of gender in the DSM*      *Coping with Stress/Anxiety Skill Share*

3:30-5pm = Workshop Session III

*Self-Defense*      Gender & Sexuality Spectrum & Differences*      *Glitter Transformation*

6-7pm = Dinner

7-8pm = Wendy Repass (http://wendyrepass.com/)

8-9:30pm = Open Mic (sign-up throughout the day on the community bulletin board)

9:30pm-late: Dance Party!


8am-9am = Breakfast

9-11am = Tour of Twin Oaks Community

9-10:30am = Chill Craft & Socializing Time

10am-2pm = Queer Haircuts with Sunya!!!

11-12pm = Open Space Introduction (decide on afternoon workshops/activities based on attendee suggestions)

12-1pm = Lunch

1-4pm = Open Space Sessions (participant led discussions, activities, or workshops on any topic under the sun!)

4pm = Closing Circle and Feedback Session

6-7pm = Dinner (leftovers extravaganza!)

7pm-late = Drag Show and Dance Party at Acorn Community!!! (7 miles down the road, shuttle provided, sign up or walk-in)

Optional Monday Program (to get to know Twin Oaks more)

8am-9am = leftovers 4 breakfast?

9am-12pm =  Help with conference site clean-up or take a tour of Twin Oaks if you haven’t done one yet

12pm-1pm = Lunch at ZK (main Twin Oaks dining hall)

1-4pm = work shift with Twin Oakers (something like gardening, seeds, tempeh, or food processing)