The Queers Will Gather!

(Please enjoy this original art by the talented Zoe, which will feature on our flyers (and maybe stickers) for this year’s event.)

On Wednesday March 20, a nearby fire spread to Twin Oaks Community, wiping out nearly all the structures at our conference site and the vicinity. The damage to Twin Oaks infrastructure was extensive, but fortunately no humans, pets, or livestock were hurt, and no humans’ homes were damaged.

Twin Oaks is still planning to host the Queer Gathering this year, August 2-4, at the Twin Oaks conference site. Some of our members are spearheading an effort to rebuild. Some things might be a little different this year, depending on what we’re able to rebuild by August. At this time we cannot guarantee electricity, let alone wi-fi and a fully equipped outdoor kitchen.

But many things will still be the same! The forest itself is intact: leaf litter and dead trees burned, but most of the trees survived, and the woods will be more green and lush than ever this summer. We’ll still have covered areas to shelter us from the rain. We’ll still have delicious meals and a beautiful river to play in. We’ll still have lots of space for camping, and can still offer limited indoor accommodations. We hope you’ll join us!

You can register here:

If you’re concerned about specific amenities, feel free to let us know. We’ll also be sharing more info publicly about that as reconstruction occurs.

We welcome donations to help us rebuild:

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