Twin Oaks Queer Gathering Postponed Until 2022 ‍

Hey Y’all,

While things are finally looking up, we feel that it’s still too soon and uncertain to plan for a large in-person gathering this fall. We really miss y’all and the amazing energy you bring, but we also want to be responsible hosts and prioritize everyone’s collective health and safety while covid-19 vaccine roll-out is still underway.
Paying it Forward: We’ve received $7500 total from the Trans Justice Funding Project and $650 from Diversity Richmond to be used for travel stipends to help trans/non-binary BIPOC and other under-represented low-income folks to attend future years’ gatherings! We’ll roll out info on how to access this funding once we solidify the timing of our next in-person gathering.  

Twin Oaks Visitor Periods: Have you ever thought of living on a commune or want to find out more about Twin Oaks Community? Starting in July, we’re planning to officially restart our 3-week visitor periods for folks interested in membership or who just want to check out a different way of living together. We’ve earmarked $2500 of the grant money above to be used to subsidize trans/non-binary BIPOC travel to the Twin Oaks visitor program! For more information, check out:
Other Gatherings? If you are hosting or know of any other queer-centric gatherings that are happening this year, either online or in-person, please feel free to share info via our Facebook page
Blast from the Past: Group photo of the 2018 Queer Gathering
If you need support, please reach out to each other via social media, national hotlines such as Trans Lifeline or The Trevor Project, or through local LGBTQ+ organizations. ‍  
We hope to see you all in 2022!‍

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