Meet the Organizers: Interns Maddie and Taryn!

Interns Taryn (left) and Maddie (right)

Meet our excellent interns! Taryn and Maddie will be joining us for the summer and working on the Twin Oaks Queer Gathering 2018, Twin Oaks Women’s Gathering 2018, and the 2018 Twin Oaks Communities Conference!

Maddie was born in Los Angeles but spent part of her childhood–that she doesn’t quite remember–in Saint Louis and Atlanta. She’s currently a Senior at Wellelsey College in Massachusetts, where she stresses about future employment and studies English and Religion. Maddie’s three favorite things are (in this order): Jesus, her very ill-behaved puppy, and her bed. She first took an interest in Twin Oaks and other intentional communities in a Freshman-year class called Environment Politics. As an intern, she wants to learn about how the intangible values she has studied, including environmental stewardship, conservation, egalitarianism, and feminism translate into people’s lifestyles. She approaches the world with an open, loving heart, hoping to hear and share experiences of pain and happiness with others.

Taryn is a bi environmental science student at the Ohio State University, passionate about both nature and LBGT+ issues.

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