Meet the Organizers: Cel

Cel is a seed grower, homeschool teacher, and an artist. Cel is also transgender and uses masculine (he/him) or neutral pronouns (they/them or co/cos). He is formerly a member of Baltimore Free Farm, an urban garden and co-operative house. There, Cel was involved in reclaiming dumpster and pre-dumpster food among other things. After growing tired of city life, he became […]

Open Mic Saturday Night!

Saturday night, 8pm-9:30ish will be our second Queer Gathering Open Mic event! It was a hit last year and we encourage everyone who wants to participate to sign up for a ~5min time slot on the bulletin board. We’ll have a microphone and a guitar available onstage 🙂

Meet the Organizers: Interns Maddie and Taryn!

Meet our excellent interns! Taryn and Maddie will be joining us for the summer and working on the Twin Oaks Queer Gathering 2018, Twin Oaks Women’s Gathering 2018, and the 2018 Twin Oaks Communities Conference! Maddie was born in Los Angeles but spent part of her childhood–that she doesn’t quite remember–in Saint Louis and Atlanta. She’s currently a Senior at […]

Drag Show Sunday Night at Acorn!

We’ll wrap up the gathering Sunday night with a Drag Show and Dance Party at Acorn Community!!! Acorn is only 7 miles down the road from Twin Oaks and we’ll provide shuttle transportation. Bring your fabulous music, sickening fashion, and sense of humor to participate in this grassroots show. There’s some downtime after closing circle Sunday afternoon so y’all can prepare. […]

Wendy Repass Performing!

Wendy Repass music is parts soul, blues, folk, rock and adult contemporary. She is a singer-songwriter with a powerful, resonant voice and her songs deal with love and loss, at times contemplating life, declaring desire, protesting injustice or simply grieving. Get a sneak preview at