Site Prep Has Begun!

At Twin Oaks, it’s never too early to start preparing the conference site! In just a few short months, this site will host dozens of LGBT+ participants excited to learn, grow, and build connections. But even this far in advance, a team of members work to repair, build, and clean the location of this wonderful event.

Meet the Organizers: Stephan

Stephan has lived at Twin Oaks for about 4 years, after lots of school and various jobs. In grad school, they served as co-director of University of Arizona’s Pride Student Union and was responsible for convincing the Board of Directors to cover the health care needs of transgender students. They love fixing things, blacksmithing, rock climbing, binge-watching Steven Universe, and […]

Monday Program

Interested in learning more about Twin Oaks at this year’s gathering? Stay an extra day for our Monday program! Email us or note your interest when you register on eventbrite Tentative Monday Schedule: 8am-9am = leftovers 4 breakfast? 9am-12pm =  Help with conference site clean-up or take a tour of Twin Oaks if you haven’t done one yet 12pm-1pm = […]