Find a ride and carpool at https://www.groupcarpool.com/t/jxzos6

Click “add” if you can drive and “join” if you need one – join the waitlist if no one has posted a ride near your area yet and keep checking back!


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      Here is something Stephan said when I asked about transportation (coming from Charlottesville):

      Twin Oaks has a shuttle system (“trippers”) that we use for folks to go into town a few times a week, so you could grab a ride in if the timing works.
      Cville: free tripper could pick you up 3pm friday at the jmrl library and bring you back monday 8am from here. Other times and days would cost $30 each way to cover the car rates.
      Richmond: Our free tripper only goes in on wednesdays, but we could arrange for someone to come get you anytime if you pay our current vehicle rate of $0.35/mile, which comes to about $45 each way (if a few folks need this, the costs would be split amongst y’all).

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